Utilization Management

Complete IT solutions to manage authorizations or referrals for multiple health plans

Features & Services

Efficient Processing

MIRRA® crafts the most efficient method of processing authorization referrals for you and your practice.

Managing Requests

MIRRA® handles requests from multiple sources with ease, on your behalf.

Tracking Status

Every authorization/referral from creation to member notification is tracked and reported to you, allowing you to track the live status.

Easy Referral Management

MIRRA® Utilization Management services allow you to send authorizations to a referral coordinator easily.

MIRRA® Utilization Management services drop the total turnaround time for processing an authorization by up to 80%.

Mirra's Utilization Management software can help you offer patients an integrated healthcare experience and reduce the administrative burden for better healthcare outcomes

Curb Health Care Costs Effectively

MIRRA® employs professionally qualified personnel who can help you not just draw up a great UM plan, but also run it with the diligence that is required to make it a success!