Simplify your Claims Processing

Break down health care claims into important element and obtain higher accuracy

Features & Services

Claims Adjudication Management

Claims Adjudication Management processes your claims with the utmost accuracy, consequently improving your turnaround time and increasing your output.

Claims Gateway

MIRRA® very own claims gateway processes over a thousand claims a day and has consequently reduced the error rate from 30% to less than 0.1% for its clients.

Claims Lite

Claims Lite, an extension of MIRRA® Claim Management services, converts all your paper claims into electronic forms. The digitiation of all your claims not only provides you with statistics on claims but also organizes them based on structure and type.

Our in-house billing and claims processing software reduces the error rate from the average 30% to less than 0.1%. This means fewer denials, fewer claims left pending for additional information and less work for your team.

Mirra® provides cloud-based claims adjudication services built specially for health plans, to improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs

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Spend fewer dollars and less man-hours in training your internal staff and let them focus on patient care, while we take care of the rest.