Care Management

Plan and implement cost effective care for your patients

Features & Services

Patient Profiles

Assistance is provided for the creation and assessment of all your patient records, enabling you to stay updated and on top of all aspects of your practice.

Utilization Management

Health care cost management is taken special care of with MIRRA® data analytics. The analytics teamed with the best practice evidence-based medicine allows accurate and cost-effective planning and implementation of care.

Case Management

All plans are laid down in great detail, keeping in mind the specific case history and requirements of the patients who require more care than others.

Disease Management

MIRRA® maintains close communication with you as well as case managers to facilitate solutions and strategies perfectly.

MIRRA® provides the five pillars of care management and allows physicians to be well equipped to serve the people who rely on them for a healthy existence.

Layout a Framework for Care Management

A well-defined Care Management program can do wonders for your facility by enhancing patient outcomes and as a result, increasing your popularity as a hospital or practice amongst the patient community you serve. MIRRA® can provide expert guidance to lay out the framework and implementation plan for a successful Care management program.