Doctors are the Most Important Resource in Today's Time

Doctors are the unsung heroes in the times of the Coronavirus Epidemic. They are on the frontline and have been fighting the disease with all their will and dedication. With doctors working 24*7, they might feel low sometimes, but stay strong for their patients and help them through.

While talking to Matt Romeo, Prime Care, Florida, Dr. Pariksith Singh sends a message to his fellow practitioners to practice safe medicine and be safe and be aware.

Dr. Pariksith Singh calls out to his fellow physicians and asks them to practice safe medicine. As they are the most important resource in today's time, he asks them to take care of themselves while taking care of their patients, so that they can provide care for more patients. He points out a few very important things, he says:

  • Be careful and aware. If a patient has a cold, upper respiratory infection, has the flu, don't let them come into the office and infect 10 other people. Take care of most of the cases via the phone or via telehealth or warm touch calls.
  • If your staff is sick, don't force them to come in. Tell them to stay at home. It might be inconvenient, but it will save so much more aggravation and possible infection to others.
  • Talk to your patients, reassure them, tell them to stay at home and be safe.
  • Make sure patient's prescriptions are filled. Make sure they don't have any immediate concerns.

As he talks about maintaining hygiene, Dr. Singh asks his fellow physicians to not be afraid, "Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands, keep your mask on if you're going out into the crowd. So, the most important thing for doctors is to not get scared. We have had a couple of examples where doctors got very scared in the hospital, but limit your exposure to, don't be a banshee out there. Don't try to use up all your resources. Right now, doctors are our biggest resource. So, if we get a surge of this Coronavirus epidemic, then we need to be very we need to pace ourselves. This is a marathon, this is not a sprint.

He says it is important to preserve resources and plan accordingly. We will stay safe if we practice our stay at home orders properly, then we will all be able to reduce the surge and probably even prevent it, but if it happens, we as doctors should be ready for it.

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