Staying Home is the Mantra to be Safe

While we might be not so happy to stay at home, but this is the only way we can fight the epidemic, COVID-19. Until now, social distancing was a term we would have never used, however, it has become a part of our vocabulary now. It was coined to slow down the spread of Coronavirus, the only way we can be safe and keep others safe.

While talking to Matt Romeo, Prime Care, Florida, Dr. Pariksith Singh explains why it is important to stay at home and what does it mean as far as patient and patient care go these days.

According to Dr. Singh, this is a very important step. It is the best thing that could have been done in these difficult times. He stresses the point that it is not about one person, but it is about "US" as a community. Hence, we should step out only for the most essential things. He points out a few very important things, he says:

  • We must very actively do our best to reduce the possible spread of this infection from one person to the other.
  • It's all about us as a community, whether it's doctors, patients, the ancillary staff, our elderly in the community, we're all one family right now.
  • We can reduce the contact with each other only if we stay at home and come out only for the most essential things, like pharmacy or going to the healthcare clinics, the hospital or emergency rooms, or picking up supplies.
  • You can go for a walk or sit in the sun, but do not go in crowds.
  • The goal is to keep people away from each other, especially vulnerable patients.
  • Let's make sure that we all together protect our most vulnerable people.
  • No crowding, no beaches, you're should not be going to any restaurants, you're not going to have activities in public areas.
  • If one is infected, he/she is going to infect so many other people, so one must be safe and keep a distance.

As a physician, Dr. Singh has not been calling his patients to come in. He and his team have been trying to see them via telehealth. He says, "We are calling them on the phone, we are doing warm touch if they need any prescription we are calling them in if they have any acute concerns, we take care of it as much as possible on the phone. The goal is to keep people away from each other, especially our vulnerable patients."

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